Passions restrained?

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I am rather frustrated with my relationship with my boyfriend. Want to know the sad part? He isn't who I am mad at, it's his parents -actually it's his whole damn family! I have been dating this sweet, wonderful man for almost 3 years. We started having sex about 4 months into our relationship (although if it was up to me it would have been sooner). Why the delay? He is...Christian *gasp*

Now Christians don't bother me, I'm rather apathetic about people's religions actually. But when people are so absorbed and concerned about their religion that it seems to be the only way they can exist is for God, then I get a teensy bit uncomfortable.

Now why should I be uncomfortable about my boyfriend's family's cult-like love for God? Well, the major issue is that I can't be myself. I can't even post inappropriate (but hilarious) posts on my facebook profile fearing that his mother (who is friends with me on fb - I know big mistake!) will judge me and inform the rest of the family to follow suit. I can't express any liberal ideas without them pretty much "correcting me" saying that actually its not the right way of thinking..

Another issue I am having is that his family is stifling my sexuality. I am a big believer in sexual liberation and women's right and ability to explore her sexuality freely without judgment or persecution. But no for me - I have to seem like the good, virginal young lady that is going to marry their son and bring forth many babies. This makes me feel like this hypocrite because I don't stand up to his family and say "no thanks" to their narrow-minded way of thinking and their unrealistic expectations for me. But instead I just don't react to it all, I don't encourage it by pretending that I agree, but I also don't discourage it by firmly expressing myself. I don't want to upset my boyfriend's relationship with his family because I'm this crazy feminist that is bent on corrupting their precious son with my liberal vagina.

However, my boyfriend and I simply perfected the art of fucking discreetly, we know how to do it doggie style in the back room while the rest of the family is else where, we also know many positions that are actually pretty comfortable in his pick up truck.

Thankfully he got his own place though, I was actually forgetting what it was like to have sex in a real bed.